Production Equipment

A handy tool makes a handy man. Advanced equipment is the firm backup for the enterprise to maintain high vigor and combating strength, WANCHENG holds in esteem the idea of giving priority to technology and creating future by means of science & technology. At present, the enterprise a complete set of production equipment and testing facilities of internationally advanced level.

"Technical progress is the impetus for the continuous development of the enterprise". WANCHENG consistently builds excellent quality by means of first-class equipment and lets science & technology lead the market so that the image of the enterprise has been constantly upgraded. WANCHENG will rely on leading technological support to cultivate its brand of extreme competitive power and influence and strive to become a trailbreaker in its trade!

Now, we have 12 assembly lines, we can produce 5,500 pieces of window regulator per shift, 250,000 pieces per month, 3,000,000 per year.